We are a group of lawyers, students, and members of the public who believe in using the power of the law to protect the environment. We essentially strive to achieve the following with a focus on Saskatchewan:

  1. Raise awareness about environmental issues and laws;
  2. Build legal and advocacy skills; and
  3. Push for strong and effective environmental laws in the province.
See our mission, values, and vision statements for more information about this group’s purpose.
We are run by an Executive and two main committees:
  1.  The Information Sharing Committee (ISC) strives to raise awareness and disseminate information to the public.
  2. The Advocacy and Skills-building Committee (AC) focuses on providing people the opportunity to develop legal- and advocacy-related skills, as well as the chance to campaign for strong and effective environmental laws.
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Taylor-Anne Yee



Taylor-Anne Yee graduated from the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan, in 2017 and was called to the Saskatchewan bar in June 2018. She is currently practicing in Melville, Saskatchewan. She has focused on environmental issues for several years, from working at the Office of Sustainability on campus to getting involved with groups like the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and Green Legal. Outside of work and SKAEL, Taylor likes to play video games and piano, read, draw, and do graphic design.


Vice-President of the Information-Sharing Committee

Jonathan Foreman received his Juris Doctor in 2017 from the University of Saskatchewan, and was called to the Saskatchewan Bar in 2018. His interest in preserving the environment for the next generation and passion for the outdoors drew him to using his education for environmental conservation. 

Logan Salm


Vice-President of the Advocacy and Skills-building Committee

Logan Salm is a Law student at the University of Saskatchewan.  Previously working at the Nature Conservancy of Canada and an active member of University of Saskatchewan Green Legal group, Logan loves the world of environmental policy.  When he is not studying, Logan is an avid hiker and biker of Saskatchewan’s many river valleys. Whenever he can manage it you will also find him rock climbing in the Rocky Mountains. 

Glenn Wright


Vice-President of Administration

Glenn Wright is a law student at the University of Saskatchewan and expects to convocate in 2020. Glenn farms near Delisle, SK, with his wife, Shannon, and three teenagers.  Glenn worked as an engineer in resource extraction industries of conventional and heavy oil early in his career and then worked for 14 years in the uranium mining industry in northern Saskatchewan.  Glenn understands the need to balance economic, social, and environmental objectives.  As an engineer Glenn believes that mitigation of anthropogenic climate change is technically possible but is impeded by social and political barriers.  Glenn elected to leave the natural resource extraction field in 2016 and is pursuing law to better understand those social barriers with the goal of driving public policy changes toward a sustainable future for generations.  Glenn and Shannon have renewable energy on their farm and were early adopters to electric vehicles among other energy saving practices.

Ravinder Chana


Vice-President of External Affairs

Ravinder Chana graduated from the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan, in 2017 and is currently residing in Edmonton. He has worked in conjunction with environmental organizations in the past and is excited to be involved with SKAEL.