To advocate for laws in Saskatchewan that protect and sustain the environment for current and future generations by raising awareness and sharing legal knowledge, encouraging skills development, and engaging in collaborative action.


Saskatchewan, a province that champions strong and effective environmental laws which create the framework for a robust and sustainable economy, protected ecosystem, and healthy people. 


  1. Distributing accessible legal information, raising awareness, and encouraging informed advocacy.
  2. Bringing people together from a variety of cultures, disciplines, backgrounds, and political affiliations.
  3. Recognizing Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, experiences of the natural world, and diversity between and within Indigenous cultures and communities.
  4. Recognizing the unceded and unsurrendered traditional territory, Inherent Rights, Indigenous Legal Traditions, and Treaty lands of Indigenous peoples.
  5. Creating opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge.
  6. Encouraging collaboration and positive, respectful dialogue.
  7. Focusing on well-researched, science-based, and proactive solutions.
  8. Remaining transparent, non-partisan, and independent.
  9. Reducing the environmental impact of our own work.